The Coin Sculptures Made From Stacked Coins Will Simply Blow Your Mind!

You must have heard of coin collectors, but here is this guy, with the Twitter name of @thumb_tani (aka Tanu), who not only creates coin sculptures by stacking coins one top of the other but does some amazing balancing tricks with them. His ‘coin art’ is certainly awe-inspiring.

Tanu makes stacking coins look so easy, but try emulating him, you will not be able to go beyond stacking only a few. There is little doubt that his coin-stacking talent and coin balancing act has taken this art to a totally new level.

What he does simply blows the mind and looks downright impossible. Sample this, a total of 65 coins stacked in interconnected columns of 12-13- 14-13- 12 respectively, all balancing on the edge of a single coin that is standing on an upturned curvature of a spoon. The whole set up is topped by a single coin standing edgewise crowning the setup! In another ‘coin sculpture’, the whole coin set up is balancing on inverted prongs of a fork.

He does something similar with two filled wine glasses.

In another feat, Tanu stands a ball pen with its ‘click end’ resting on the table and refill tip pointing upwards. He then balances two coins edgewise on top of each other on the tip of the ball pen in this unbelievable setup.

In the egg sculpture, Tanu stands two coins on top of each other edgewise, taking the help of two other coins lying flat on the table. This itself is a feat in itself, but what he does next is totally eye-popping. He balances an egg on top of the two coins standing edgewise on top of each other!

If you think these impossible feats are camera tricks, Tanu shows a video film of how he does this coin balancing act. This kind of talent is a rarity and the potential of his coin sculptures earning big bucks is much in evidence.

Watch How He Makes Them.

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