The 3D Oil Portraits Of Spanish Artist Turn Young Faces Into Old And Vice Versa

Usually, portraits depict the actual condition of the face of the subject at the time of painting. But here’s an artist whose images change depending upon which angle one looks at it from! Meet Sergi Cadenas, whose brilliant and unique work is delighting the viewers. What’s surprising is this artist is totally self-taught.

How Cadenas turns young faces into old and vice versa is by composing his artwork in 3D vertical lines arranged in different angles. When one walks from one end of the portrait to the other, the young face progressively matures or the older one gets younger, depending upon which end one starts from. One of his special creations symbolizes beauty and brain, wherein a young and beautiful Mary Lotus Monroe turns into an aged Albert Einstein! Another one of his distinctive works symbolizes life partners, where the dog turns into its human owner.

Cadenas, a Spanish postwar and contemporary artist was born in Girona, Spain. His forefathers established a foundry in the 19th Century in the city. His family carried on the business of crafted ironwork for generations and contributed towards the cultural and architectural history of the city.

Cadenas studied artistic ironmongery in the Germi de Serrallers in Barcelona, Spain and started working in his father’s workshop when he was 15. He took charge of it when he was 20. He’s still very much into his family trade and has even earned the recognition of master artisan who specializes in forging techniques. Today, his three-centuries-old family business, Ferros d’Art Cadenas, is a well-known company in Girona.

However, the artist in him expressed itself when he was 30 and he turned into an artist. Although he never got to formally study drawing or painting, he learned how to do oil painting and focused on portraits. But his creative mind wasn’t content with mere painting portraits, so he discovered new ways of creating. It was through experimentation that he created his unique style all by himself, wherein his 3D oil paintings change according to the viewer’s perspective. And the result was his incredible 3D works in oil.

Cadenas creates large portraits by undertaking difficult execution with great precision that results in spectacular artworks. He has displayed his artworks in various art galleries and exhibitions around the globe. Despite looking after the family business and collaborating with various architects from Girona, he finds time for his unique style of paintings.

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INCRÍVEL!  Sergi Cadenas é o artista por trás das pinturas a óleo tridimensionais. As obras variam de acordo com a perspectiva do espectador, introduzindo uma dimensão cinética e perturbadamente sugestiva da nossa visão da realidade. Cadenas é um artista vocacional cuja criatividade segue as suas próprias instalações autodidatas. O auto-conhecimento proporcionou a ele uma linguagem visual própria. O desenvolvimento artístico de Cadenas sempre esteve ligado ao mundo artesão. Estudou design e ferragens artísticas no "Gremi de Serrallers", em Barcelona, ​​e mesmo sendo um pintor habilidoso, nunca estudou desenho que o faz totalmente autodidata. lê o artigo em: 🎥 via @galeriabarnadasbarcelona @sergi.cadenas #chocolatelifestyle #chocolate #sergicadenas #art #artist #amazing #barcelona #instadaily #instagramhub #follow #repost #daily #top #likeforalike #instamood #instagram #instamusic #love #spain

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Sergi Cadenas


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