This Artist Creates Art Out Of Animal And Human Anatomy

Maybe a dissected frog hanging on the wall as a piece of art may not go down well with most, but the skill behind creating it with cloth is what Natalia Lubieniecka’s Textilart is all about. And it’s not only the dissected frog or the heart anatomy or even the scary-looking spiders, that she creates with such a realistic touch, that is so amazing, but also her other creations, like mushrooms, moths and other lovely creatures.

Natalia, currently residing in Vienna, Austria, must have excelled in anatomy and she’s certainly fascinated by animal viscera, the reason why some of her artwork depicts dissected animals and birds. And she also seems to be captivated by spiders, displaying them in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

However, one has to hand it over to Natalia that she has her eyes fixed on only one thing and that’s creating things out of textiles as perfect to the original as possible. For this, she uses a variety of textiles that range from glossy to dull, colorful to black and white. With these, she creates her creatures in incredible detail.

What Natalie does is not easy. It is one thing to stitch the creatures in their original shape and colors, but quite other to create them in life-like poses. For example, take her collection of moths. Each creature is so meticulously stitched together that it’s difficult to distinguish it from the original. Add to this her eye for detail. Take her cloth heart, for example, it has all the veins, arteries, and aortas of the original organ in such details that it can be used as a teaching aid for medical students!

Natalie’s creations are popular on the internet. On Instagram alone, she has over 77,000 followers. And the best part is all her creations are up for sale on her Etsy shop.

Natalia Lubieniecka Textilart: Instagram | Etsy Store

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