For the Love of Alcohol: Teen Dresses up as His Mom!

Who would not do anything for the sake of drinking liquor? While the ban of liquor for those below 18 years old is strictly implemented, it has not stopped determined teenagers from trying. And they’re getting more and more creative.

Since store owners have stepped up their game and rarely get deceived by fake IDs, it’s expected that, sooner or later, young ones will find their way around the problem and devise new tactics to get a hold of the beloved prize. As if to prove this point, a boy from South Ayrshire displayed a stunning, though illegal, stunt.

Image Via: The Glasgow Gospel

In an act of desperation, a teenage boy attempted to buy a vodka and MD 20/20 in the guise of his mother– complete with a dress, coat, shades, make-up, and shoes.

Original photos of the boy appeared on the Facebook page of Glasgow Gospel first. It came with a caption saying something like this: The bold boy used his mom’s ID for some liquor and dressed up as her. Since then, It made quite a buzz. In fact, it had garnered 24,000 likes and 5,000 comments already.

Image Via: The Glasgow Gospel

It was also tweeted and retweeted 20,000 times on Twitter by multiple accounts– some of which to congratulate the boy for his ingenuity, some to laugh and praise his guts, and some to warn those who wish to do the same plan.

The said boy had borrowed his mother’s identity to acquire some liquor from a store. He was all dolled up, wearing his mother’s clothes and a bit of make-up to conceal his identity. He brandished his mother’s ID as well to make his plan fool-proof.  

Was he successful?

Look at the picture below.

Image Via: The Glasgow Gospel

Indeed, he was. It seemed like no one was able to spot the difference between him and his mother. He was able to get hold of the contrabands, and he even posed with them for a quick picture.

Many teenagers who have seen the photos warm up to the idea of using a disguise in purchasing liquor. But it might be wise that they hold their horses as the authorities have surely been notified of this strategy.

So the boy had probably enjoyed his drink and had fun telling the tale to his friends. But about his mom?

Many are wondering what Joan Elliot, the boy’s  mother, has to say about all this. Though we have not heard and probably will not hear about it, we at least know that it’s not going to be a good one.


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