Tattoos Of Mexican Tattoo Artist Give The Feeling Of Double Vision To Viewers

Most people who happen to look at the tattoos created by Yatzil Elizalde are left rubbing their eyes. Why? Because they find them out of focus and make them think they’re suffering from double vision! This is the unique ‘blurry effect’ created by this Mexican tattoo artist that’s getting popular by the day.

To create this ‘blurry effect’, Elizalde creates the tattoos of the same image twice or thrice and staggers them slightly to create the dizzying look of a double vision. Says she on, “It’s going to sound weird, but there are some times in my life when I see things that way…dizzy.”

Since her childhood, this 25-year-old tattoo artist was passionate about art. So, it wasn’t surprising when she chose to become a visual artist, where she created illustrations, murals, and digital works. However, it was the art of tattooing that eventually won her over and she started creating them at the tender age of 19.

Elizalde told, “I started doing tattoos when I was 19 years old. At first, I was practicing on myself.” However, she continued to hone her tattooing skills by studying a lot of different techniques. She adapted the ones she was most comfortable with and that complemented her own work while allowing her total freedom in designing.

Elizalde owns a tattoo studio named White Light in Hermosillo, Mexico, and has been doing tattoos for the past six years. Although she does all kinds of tattoos, it’s the trippy, double vision designs that set her apart from the rest. For her, the visual effects of her tattoos are no less than optical illusions. She has 40 such tattoos to her credit and they range from Disney characters to famous works of art to portraits.

So, does Elizalde get dizzy while creating her ‘blurry effect’ tattoos? She answers in the negative and says she enjoys doing them. However, her tattoos don’t come cheap. She charges anything between $250 to $350 per hour for her services, depends upon the size, design, and location of the tattoo. Elizalde enjoys a fan following of about 50,000 on Instagram.

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