Embroidery Wizard’s Needlepoint And Tambour Embroidery Pieces Are Simply Mesmerizing

It seems sewing and stitching is in Jennifer Jones’ blood. From her very childhood, she showed a special affinity towards needles and threads. It was embroidery that attracted her the most. So, it wasn’t surprising that she honed her needlework skills as she grew up and became an expert at both needlepoint embroidery and tambour embroidery.

For the uninitiated, needlepoint embroidery is a surface embroidery technique that uses a very fine canvas, such as Penelope, mono, and interlock. It’s mostly used in creating rugs, wall hangings, upholstery, purses, etc. This embroidery is mainly done using yarn, but strands of embroidery floss are sometimes used to give the piece a unique look.

Tambour embroidery, on the other hand, is a technique that uses a fine hook, called the tambour hook, for creating a series of looped stitches to form a chain-like pattern. This embroidery uses a slightly open-weave cloth that’s stretched over a frame. Tambour embroidery is believed to have originated in India.

However, Jennifer, though expert in embroidery, did not strike out on her own, but landed a job as an eveningwear designer in New York City, USA on the basis of her stitching and designing skills. However, this job did not give her the satisfaction she craved for. So, she decided to pursue embroidery full-time.

In no time, the incredible work of this amazing needlepoint/Tambour embroidery artist and experimenter started getting noticed because of her unique designs. It wasn’t long before she established a company named Bloom Heirloom Company, LLC, and got it registered in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA.

In an email to AwesomeByte, she shares, “I’m meticulous in my details and obsessed with color! I’m inspired by nature, pop culture, history, and fashion. Experimentation is always a goal so I try new things and materials as much as I can.”

A look at her embroidered artworks will convince anyone what she’s capable of. Of course, in her free time, she’s a wife and a dog mom! She loves reading books of all kinds in her spare time. Her embroidery pieces are up for sale on her Etsy shop. She’s also making her presence felt on Instagram.

Jennifer Jones: Instagram | Etsy Store


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