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Embroidery Wizard’s Needlepoint And Tambour Embroidery Pieces Are Simply Mesmerizing

It seems sewing and stitching is in Jennifer Jones’ blood. From her very childhood, she showed a special affinity towards needles and threads. It was embroidery that attracted her the most. So, it wasn’t surprising that she honed her needlework skills as she grew up and became an expert at both needlepoint embroidery and tambour […]

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The Exquisite Wedding Gowns Of This Intuitive Designer Have Become A Must-Have For Brides-To-Be

What happens when passion and love for business meet? Who better than Rebecca Schoneveld to answer it! This exceptional Brooklyn-based designer creates such exquisite wedding dresses that brides-to-be make a beeline to buy her dresses. Thanks to her entrepreneurial itch, she has made a business out of creating gowns.