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Ever Seen Two Different Famous Cartoon Characters Merged Into One? This French Artist Does That And See How!

Harold Roellinger is a 26-year-old French artist, who draws cartoons among other things. If you’re wondering, what’s the big deal, many other artists do the same thing, here’s the difference. He merges two cartoon characters into one with such expertise that the viewers get literally awestruck. It comes as no surprise that Roellinger started drawing …

Cosplaying With Cardboard Cut-Outs This Cute Dog Is Winning The Hearts With Hilarious Depictions

You must have seen cosplay with costumes of different materials, but here’s a Japanese dog owner, who uses cardboard as the ‘dress’ material for her cute Chihuahua-mametaro. Semba, the dog owner, is wowing the internet with her unique and hilarious cardboard cut-outs that her cute dog readily ‘dons’.