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Artist Uses Dried Out Leaves, Twigs And Other Natural Materials To Create Mandala-Like Artworks

What do you do with dried leaves and twigs you find in your garden? Sweep them away, isn’t it? Well, James Brunt is one person who uses his highly creative mind to produce ephemeral artworks from such natural materials. And he even goes into forests, parks, and beaches near his home in Yorkshire, England to […]

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This Dot Artist Entrances Her Viewers By Amazing Mandala Dot Painting Patterns On Stones

If you put all the pieces of her work together, they’d seem like an enchanting colorful coral forest! Such is the beauty that Lina West infuses in each of her creations. This Ukrainian-born artist, now based in California, US, is adept at putting gorgeous fractal patterns on stones to create her beautiful mandala art.