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Japanese Veteran Artist Creates Intricate Hand-Cut Kirie Works On Single Sheets Of Paper

Ever heard of kirie? It’s the Japanese art of paper cutting and literally means ‘cut picture’. This traditional craft is certainly not easy to accomplish. Imagine placing intricate cuts in a single sheet of white paper to create something that stands out in stark details against a dark background.

Miniature Food Items Created By This Japanese Miniature Artist Look Ready To Eat

If you’ve seen one miniature work, you’ve seen ‘em all. Right? Wrong! The meticulous way in which this amazing artist goes about her job is something really marvellous. Her name is Tomoko Misumi and she belongs to Fukuoka, Japan. She’s a miniature artist and her specialization is crafting bento boxes in such details that it …

‘Miniature Calendar’ Created By Tatsuya Tanaka Takes The Media By Storm

Ever heard of Tatsuya Tanaka? He is a miniature photographer from Kumamoto, Japan. His claim to fame is his ‘miniature calendar’ that has become popular on the internet, magazines, and television. The ‘miniature calendar’ is a collection of pocket-sized scenes of everyday life in familiar settings that depict every day of the 365 days of …