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Mocking Celebrities By Dressing Up Like Them Has Made This Italian Guy An Instagram Rage

He’s young, he’s cute and he’s hilarious to boot! Meet Emanuele Ferrari, lovingly called Emi, whose funny imitations of celebrity photos get his followers in splits. Such is the creative imagination of this Italian in mocking celebrities that he enjoys an enviable following of over 660,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Color Blind Photographer Captures Stunning Pictures Of The ‘Earth Pyramids’ In Foggy Early Morning

When the fascinating ‘floating peaks’ were introduced by David Cameron in his 3D blockbuster, Avatar, we thought we have seen it all. Well, close on their heels is another set of awe-inspiring natural formations called the ‘earth pyramids. These real-life columns, located in South Tyrol, an autonomous province in northern Italy, seem straight out of …