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Theatrical Group, La Machine, Unleashes A Gigantic Fire-Breathing Dragon As Part Of Its Street Performance

A gigantic fire-breathing dragon making its way down the street? The stuff of children’s folklore, you’d say. Well, François Delarozière, the founder of La Machine has made this possible by roping in artists, technicians and theatre designers for building theater objects, that include this dragon.

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Street Artist Uses Popular Cartoon Characters To Infuse Life Into Street Objects

This street artist, graphist and musician, who goes by the name EFIX, has certainly taken upon himself to literally ‘fix’ the ugly cityscape, like broken pipes, cracks in the walls, etc. not merely by tools and implements, but by drawing humorous cartoons and illustrations.

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Quicksands Of Mont Saint Michael, Normandy Making The Place A Unique Tourism Spot

Mont Saint Michel or Saint Michael’s Mount in Normandy, France is an island famous for its abbey and fortifications. The island is located at the mouth of the Couesnon River about 600 meters from land, occupying an area of around 247 acres (100 hectares).