Sylvie Facon’s Wedding Dresses Are Masterpieces Of Creativity And Craftsmanship

We are usually familiar with designers who flaunt their designer clothes through the runway models or page three celebrities. We are also familiar with typical designer wedding dresses.

However, here is a creative wedding dressmaker, who has elevated wedding dress designing to an art. Meet Sylvie Facon, a rare combination of passion and perfection. Every creation of her is unique, displaying artwork that is both sublime and creative.

Facon doesn’t make any bones about being different from the rest of her designer fraternity. Says she, “I do not reproduce any models exhibited in stores. My niche is creation. I make a unique dress for a unique bride.”

Facon gets her inspiration from nature and stories. She loves Raphaelite painting and the plant world. Since each dress she creates displays a legend, she delves deep into the artistic world and expresses herself freely in creating it. 

So how does Facon go about her job? As a first step, she takes the dimensions of client’s bust and chest. Then, taking the dress and the body as one, she uses a moulding technique. Based on this, she creates a bustier close to the body and, afterwards, realizes the mould of the skirt. This is the ‘foundation’ she works on.

Once she creates the ‘foundation’, she adorns it with a cascade of fabrics, incrustations, embroidery and ornaments. Such meticulous work, makes her steer away from the standard sizes of the ready-to-wear kind. All her work is tailor-made for the client.

Obviously, this kind of detailed work requires time. Facon wants the order to be placed in a wedding dress, six months in advance, before the date of marriage. This time is required for validation of the sketch, taking measurements and fittings. The favourite materials she works with are Caudry lace, sisal, muslin, tulle, flat hair and silk.

Little wonder Facon’s masterpieces are timeless and specially crafted for specific individuals. 

Image Via: Sylvie Facon

Image Via: Sylvie Facon

Image Via: Sylvie Facon

Image Via: Sylvie Facon

Image Via: Sylvie Facon

Image Via: Sylvie Facon

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