Sydney-Based Artist ‘Traps’ The Ocean In Household Artefacts

She possesses the uncanny ability to ‘trap’ the ocean in a bowl and much else! Yup, she’s Jeanette, who likes to be called Netty. And her claim to fame is her unique art of reproducing the beautiful beaches and oceans around Australia in resin on household items.

This artist from the UK, now based in Sydney, Australia, explains on what she does, “I create a unique ocean-themed art and resin homewares, each piece of hand-poured resin is created in my home studio. Inspired by the ocean, I’ve developed a range of products to suit all budgets from small trinket trays to large grazing platters and original artworks.”

It’s quite evident from Netty’s artwork that she’s not only passionate about her art, but also art in its many forms. She hit upon this idea, when she moved to Sydney from the UK, 15 years ago. The Northern Beaches of the city so enamored and enchanted her that she thought of presenting the ocean in all its moods in her unique art.

Netty has mastered the art of transferring resin onto wood and ceramic. She infuses the resin with the colors of the ocean and surf and then carefully pours the resin by hand on to the base to be decorated. She then dries it with a blower. The end product is a beautiful piece of the vibrant ocean resting on whatever household item she’s adorning.

What is really admirable about her art is her color sense. She’s able to bring out the exact colors of the restless waves and surf in such realistic details that they’ve to be seen to be believed.

It was only a matter of time before she established her ‘Art of Netty’ brand. Her website,, features all her creations that include wall hangings, trinket trays and bowls, bottle openers, ceramic sugar bowls, cheese boards, coasters, and much more.

The best part is all her incredible products are up for sale and can be ordered online from her website. There’s something for everyone in her collection. What’s more, she’s continually developing new product ideas, so there’s always something new on offer.

Art of Netty

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