Tea Bomb Wizard Makes Tiny Fantastical Art For A Special Cup Of Tea

Tea time is always better when you have a friend to share it with. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to Alex, the newest tea-lover in town.

Alex has set out to do something that makes her really happy—and she’s done it! She’s created her own tea shop and named it Sweets Magic Treats.

Alex, the name of our tea lover, was a tea fanatic. She loved making things with her newfound passion for tea and would often spend hours brewing different blends in his kitchen. Through this love for tea, she decided to set out to do something that made her happy and express her love for strange and unique things all at once: making tea bombs!

Her dad used to call her “sweets” growing up, so Alex wanted to honor him by naming her shop Sweets Magic Treats. Making these little creations has been so fulfilling, primarily to share with other tea lovers like herself. The tea bombs she makes have edible flowers and tea inside that once hot water is poured over the bomb melts into a delicious cup of tea.

The most famous & unique team bomb of her creations is the human heart-shaped tea bomb.

What makes these bombs so special is that they’re infused with real flowers and natural ingredients, which react with hot water in a way that makes it taste like your favorite cup of tea. The best part is that you can make all kinds of different flavors and colors by adding different flowers or herbs—so there’s always something new to try.

Her love for tea is her biggest inspiration to do this. Making unique items that other people may not have seen before or will want. It’s important to her that the ingredients in each product are 100% organic and that all of the materials are vegan. She believes her products can be enjoyed by anyone no matter what kind of diet they are on or if they have any allergies.

Alex is a true entrepreneur with a passion for tea & entertaining people. To Alex, this business is more than just making money, it’s an outlet to express herself and spread joy & smiles to others.

If you love tea and want to express your love for tea in a creative, artistic way then Alex’s “Sweets Magic Treats” tea bombs could be just the thing for you to try.

Sweets Magic Treats

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