Dutch Artist Creates Art that Shines and Shimmers, and Dazzles the Viewers

Whatever glitters is…Suzan Drummen’s favorite! Yes, since her very childhood, this Dutch artist has been fascinated with things that glitter and sparkle. This passion of hers has brought her into the art world’s limelight all across the globe.

Drummen’s dazzling art installations have been delighting viewers for some time now. And she certainly outdid herself by creating an intricately bejeweled carpet of variegated colors, interspersed with shiny objects. This unique carpet is now the prized possession of the Royal Palace Amsterdam. This was part of a special exhibition, called Trailblazers, that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Netherland’s Royal Award for Modern Painting. The carpet was completed in nine days with a team of three assistants.

It has certainly been a long journey for this artist, who used to get enchanted with things that glittered, even the silver wrapper of her chocolates! She explains her creative thought process on mymodernmet.com, “Sometimes I look for contrasts and sometimes I try to insert the material very nicely into the space as if it has always been there. Usually, it’s a combination of both, so in some places, it clashes and in other places, it’s in harmony with the space…. Some decisions I make intuitively and others very thoughtfully and decisively. It’s always a mix and a big adventure!”

Drummen gets her inspiration from the everyday world, and it is her creative eye that interprets these inputs and helps her create her magnificent and dazzling array of colors, patterns, and textures. She sees her artworks from viewers’ points of view and shares this on modernmet.com, “When viewing a work, the viewer encounters two opposing forces: On the one hand, the brilliance, color, and the rhythm plunge a viewer into a visually intoxicating world, which seems to want to kidnap the eyes to a paradise. On the other hand, the specific locations, the different points of view, the concrete material, and the great contrasts lead the viewer back to their own perception, so that full consciousness about what is intoxicating, occurs….”

Drummen studied painting and monumental design from the Maastricht Academy of Arts in Maastricht, Netherlands, and continued to gain knowledge in the field of art through several other art academies. This artist has many solo and group exhibitions to her credit. She has also been commissioned art in public spaces in many cities all across the world.

Suzan Drummen: Website | Instagram | Facebook
Royal Palace Amsterdam: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Via: MyModernMet

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