A Stray Dog’s Loyalty Made Him Wait For His Owner For Three Long Years

Dogs are known to be loyal animals and form an unbreakable bond with their owners. But what would you say to a little stray dog, adopted by an elderly South Korean woman in the city of Busan, who never forgot her even when she remained absent for three long years!

This eight-year- old stray dog, whom the elderly woman had named Fu Shi, has broken a record of sorts in expressing his loyalty to her when he was not even brought up as a pup by her. The old lady had adopted this little stray dog right from the street and soon the dog formed a strong bond with her. He used to visit her daily to give her company that she craved for and get food in return.

All was going well when one fine day the old woman suffered a brain hemorrhage and was admitted to a nursing home. She was diagnosed with dementia and started receiving constant care, never to return to her house.

The little dog on finding the woman missing kept visiting her house unfailingly every day for three long years, unaware that this patient of dementia would never return. Had it been any other dog, he would have gone his own way, but not little Fu Shi. The neighbors noticed his daily presence at the woman’s abandoned house at the end of each day and provided him with food.

The heart-rending story would have remained unreported, had it not been for the extensive coverage it received in the media. It caught the eye of people, who contacted an animal rescue charity that sent the dog for a veterinary check-up. The dog was found hale and hearty, except for intestinal worms that were treated promptly.

Ultimately, it was a happy ending for Fu Shi, as another family adopted him and named him Sky. It seems his loyalty to the elderly woman was fully compensated.

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