Stockholm – The City on Water

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is lovingly called ‘beauty on water’ by its inhabitants. And rightly so, since it is not only spread across 14 islands in the region where the freshwater Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea but also overlooks the Stockholm archipelago, an island chain, stretching along the coast of this Sea.

Rich history

This area had been inhabited since the Stone Age, but it was only in the year 1252 that Stockholm came into existence, having been founded by a Swedish statesman named Birger Jarl. By the 17th Century, Stockholm rose to become a major European power.

Despite the deadly plague of 1710 which killed over 20,000 residents, it rebounded to play a leading economic role by the 19th Century. By the latter half of the 20th Century, the city took to modernization. Since then the city has evolved, turning into a modern and dynamic metropolis.

A perfect tourist destination

Those visiting the city would do well to follow the lead of the health-conscious locals and spend time outdoors. The charming medieval cobbled streets, complete with royal palace and gabled buildings, make this city as one of Europe’s most impeccably preserved historic centers.

Besides this, there is much to see in this enchanting city:

#1 Ferry ride to Djurgården
Enjoy the calm waterside and woodland trails of the city’s greenest island. You can also view the centuries-old Swedish houses at the open-air Skansen and also marvel at a giant 17th Century salvaged ship at the Vasa Museum.

Image Credits: johandubois

#2 Changing of the guard at the royal palace
Get your thrills watching an impressive 40-minute changing of the guard by the Royal Guards, accompanied by a military band in the palace’s main courtyard. It is held daily in summers and thrice a week throughout the year.

#3 Culinary delights
Food is a serious passion for the city’s residents. Whether it is succulent meatballs, fried herring, buttery toast Skagen, or many other local dishes, each one of them is worth trying out.

#4 Hellasgården’s lakeside sauna
This sauna inside the Nacka nature reserve is most rejuvenating. The only catch is you need to strip off completely to use it. Of course, there are separate saunas for men and women.

In conclusion…

Stockholm is where the past merges seamlessly with the present, making it a must-visit destination for every tourist. And there is so much to see in this amazing city.

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