Famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin’s Son Inherits His Late Father’s Mantle’

When the renowned Australian animal lover, Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter, died of stingray’s barb that pierced his heart, nobody could have imagined that his son would follow in his footsteps. This is because Robert Irwin’s age when Steve died was just three years. But that is exactly what Robert Irwin did and, today, this 17-year-old has created a niche for himself at this tender age.

Robert is as keen a nature lover as his late father. Not only has he a huge affinity for nature, but he is also an established wildlife photographer and conservator, who teaches people about preserving the natural world. Like his father, he too is in love with crocodiles. He entertains and educates thousands of guests at the Australia Zoo about these fascinating predators.

Robert participates in the annual Australia Zoo crocodile research trip on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Far North Queensland. Here, he helps the experienced crocodile team to catch and tag crocodiles with tracking devices before releasing them back into the wild. For him, this venture proves most satisfying, as it offers him a chance to enhance his knowledge about these modern-day dinosaurs.

Robert’s passion for reptiles has not only come from his late father, but also from his mother, Terri, who encouraged him to join the Australia Zoo and learn from the zoo team to enhance his knowledge. And it is not only crocodiles that interest Robert, he also enjoys caring for a huge family of animals that include the Komodo dragon, snakes, and others.

It was Robert’s love for animals that led him to become a wildlife photographer. One can find him training his camera on his chosen animal for that perfect shot. Robert Irwin’s photography has taken him on his favorite trails of the Glass Mountains. He showcases and sells his excellent animal pics on the Australia Zoo website: shop.australiazoo.com.au/robert-irwin-extra-large-uluru-canvas.

The threat to the existence of many wild animals has motivated Robert to provide support to conservation projects around the world. These global locations include the African savannah, Sumatran jungle, mangroves of Far North Queensland, and others. With his active involvement, he hopes to inspire many others to conserve the planet for the future.

Robert Irwin’s age notwithstanding, his global reach to people is colossal. On Instagram alone, his followers add up to an astounding 2.8 million! There is no doubt that the names Robert Irwin and Steve Irwin have become synonymous with each other as true animal lovers.

Robert Irwin

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