Global Brands Vie For This ‘Visual Engineering’ Wizard For Print And Video Advertising

You can call Steve Giralt the pioneer of ‘visual engineering’ that integrates photography, video and modern imaging technologies. Evidently, this Cuban photographer is not your run-of-the-mill photographer, but someone who “loves to push the limits of technology and image-making to create cool visuals for clients across the globe”.

As an accomplished photographer, Giralt started as a still life photographer and went on to become a leading food and product photographer. However, it’s his digital technology and engineering that has made people and his global clients sit up and take notice. He has shot for global brands and magazines, such as BBDO, Godiva, Harman Kardon, PepsiCo, Petrossian, Starbucks, Verizon, Food Network Magazine, Woman’s Day, Fitness, Good Housekeeping and many more.

So niche is Giralt’s field that he needed to invent new methods and tools for image capture. This included shooting stills and video simultaneously and developing lighting systems and mechanisms for the same. Today, he’s totally into doing something creative along with his team with this technology, serving his ever-increasing clientele.

This photographer and visual engineer were born in Miami, Florida, USA. He studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA. It was here itself that his work got noticed and won him several awards. In PDN magazine, he was included in the list of 30 emerging photographers to watch and his website won an award as part of PDN’s digital PIX imaging awards. He’s also the founder of Image Maker’s Club that brings NYC image-makers together to collaborate and learn from each other.

Giralt is presently managing a state-of-the-art creative 3000 sq. foot studio located in Midtown Manhattan. The studio is fully equipped with photography and motion shoots, machine shop, prop house, client lounge area and plenty of gadgets. What’s more, it has a kitchen specially designed by food stylists for food shoots. In other words, it’s totally equipped for any challenging assignment.

With over 275,000 viewers on his Instagram page, Giralt remains one of the most sought after still photographer and visual engineer.


Steve Giralt Visual Engineer: Website | Instagram | Youtube

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