Singer-Songwriter Creates a Buzz on the Social Media with Touching Numbers

Social media platforms have done a great service to budding artists. Take Stephen Sanchez for instance, this singer-songwriter entered the public consciousness on TikTok through his single ‘Lady by the Sea’. And if you are wondering what Stephen Sanchez’s age is, he is an 18-year-old teenager!

Life has not been the same for Sanchez after this song went viral. This is what he said on, “…it has been wild. The people I’ve gotten to meet, the people I’ve been able to write with, it’s been very humbling….” And he is no one song wonder. He has been continuously stunning the public with his new creations. His favorite songwriter is Noah Kahan whom he considers simply brilliant.

Sanchez’s debut EP ‘What Was, Not Now’ is a complete relationship story from the moments of togetherness to the breakup. The title of this EP resulted from his issues with a girl at that time. He reveals on, “…I came to the realization that what was then is no longer now and that was it! The title just popped out of nowhere and it seemed to be a hit with everyone I brought it to. People can interpret it the way they want; titles can have different meanings.”

Stephen Sanchez’s ‘Until I Found You’ on Tiktok and YouTube was another hit composition that got rave reviews. One listener commented on YouTube, “…I was having a tough day and it (the song) helped. This put a smile on my face and I really needed that.”

Why his songs touch the heartstrings is because he writes about real things that are actually happening or had happened in his life. He explains on, “I’m just a guy who sits in his bedroom and writes devastatingly heartbreaking songs.” His favorite song on the EP is ‘I Want You’.

Sanchez brush with music came while visiting his maternal grandparents. There he found a treasure-trove of original vinyl records of artists, such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Platters, and The Ink Spots. He explains on, “When you listen to those old records from the 50s and the 60s, they sound like they’re coming from another dimension.” He found them profound, romantic and beautiful. He was also influenced by his father who played the guitar and wrote songs.

The popularity of this teenager can be seen on the social media. On Instagram alone he has a viewership of over 115,000 fans.

Stephen Sanchez

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