Stencil Stop Creates World-Class Stencils for All Kinds of Surfaces

Colin Mitchell dreamt of becoming the youngest general manager in international paper history and studied hard to earn a degree in MBA. He picked up a job too straight out of college when he was living in Lynchburg in Virginia, USA. However, once into the job, he felt disillusioned by his hard-earned degree and miserable in his job.

It was then that something hit Mitchell like lightning and he said he didn’t want to do this. This career seemed a dead-end to him. The realization soon dawned upon him that a career in a big company wasn’t for him. So, before chucking his job, he started exploring career options that will provide him both satisfaction and money.

Mitchell started toying with the stencil idea, while still in his first job at Lynchburg. Stencil Stop was the result of his brainstorming every night with his friend about business ideas. The idea came from the box-making machine that they were using to make box samples and prototypes.

Mitchell started utilizing this box-making machine to create stencils. He would stay back at work and run stencil orders on that machine with the box material. So, his initial stencils were made out of cardboard. He listed their first stencil creation online and it sold in no time, which motivated him to pursue this course. Once Stencil Stop took roots, he quit his job.

Mitchell moved to Sacramento, USA, and tried to look for a job that used the same box-making machine, so that he can create his stencils on it. To establish his own stencil business, he roped in his friends and Stencil Stop came into its own in 2018. Together, he and his friends researched, tested, and repeated their creations, until they came up with top-quality logos and symbols that could be put onto any chosen surface.

Today, Stencil Stop is known for its custom and ready-made stencils that the company delivers in a week or less. So good are these stencils that Mitchell, who is now the CEO of Stencil Stop, has made high-profile clients, such as Lululemon, Lyft, Nike, and Spotify.

Stencil Stop

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