Spanish Artist Earns International Fame for His Unique Ceramic Art

Mention ceramic art and the mind goes to artistic ceramic cups, plates, and vases. Surprisingly, the realm of ceramic art is much more than that, and who better than Alberto Bustos to show us that? The unique creations of this exceptional ceramic artist have taken the world by storm. What’s more, he’s completely self-taught!

Bustos had art in his blood as far as he can remember. Although he started with painting, the flat format didn’t hold his interest for long. So, he turned to a model and discovered ceramic art. Once he got hooked on to this magical form of art with endless possibilities, there was no looking back.

Bustos explains his passion for ceramic art on, “It gets you involved with its multiple techniques, materials and the uncertainty generated by the opening of the oven, mixture of emotion and tension. Pottery constantly challenges me, keeps my imagination alive.”

This artist, based in Bellvei, Tarragona, Spain, started with decorative ceramic art, where he created traditional ceramics, such as trophies and murals. However, over time he started feeling stuck in this form of art. It was time to evolve and it wasn’t long before he started creating impossible forms with ceramics. Says he on his website, “Self-taught as I am, I never dreamed that my passion and admiration for ceramics would turn into my way of life, would give meaning to my life.”

Bustos draws his inspiration from nature. His series of sculptures titled ‘natuRareza’ amply demonstrates the influence of nature, as also of human emotions. He wants his art to evoke some kind of reaction from the viewers. It should make them think, reflect, vibrate, like or dislike his art. Says he on, “I think the worst thing that can happen to any artist is that his work goes unnoticed, does not transmit…”

The works of this great ceramic artist are exhibited internationally in institutions, such as Alcora Ceramic Museum, Castello, Spain; Biennale D’Arte Ceramica Contemporanea in Rome, Italy; the Cairo Opera House, Egypt; National Museum of Valencia, Spain; National Museum of Slovenia, Slovenia; Prevoir in Paris, France; and Westerwald Ceramics Museum, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. He’s also a recipient of many prizes.

Bustos is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics and has participated in international symposiums. He has also hosted several masterclasses and workshops in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US.

Alberto Bustos

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