Candle Maker Offers Eco-Friendly Candles Made from Pure and Natural Wax

Ms. CaiCai has certainly turned candle making into art and the variety she offers, through her US-based candle store in Katy, Texas, called ‘CaiCaiHandmade’, is simply mind-boggling.

This Japanese, who was an architectural designer by profession, but an artist at heart, let her heart rule over her head and switched to candle making. What really ignited this passion was her love for the variously designed candles that she saw and wanted to create.

This newfound avenue of creativity spurred CaiCai to design candles by hand. So perfect is her candle-making that her handcrafted candles radiate her passion and ingenuity for this art. All her candles are handcrafted with care from designing, processing, testing, and packaging. Little wonder she captions her candle work as ‘It’s more than just a candle’.

The essence of Japanese craftsmanship is evident in all her works since CaiCai is deeply influenced by the spirit of this craftsmanship. She uses high-quality pure natural soy wax and organic white beeswax for a majority of her candles. She avoids using paraffin wax, since it produces black smoke and carcinogens when burning, unlike soy wax and beeswax, which are natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and renewable resources.

The soy wax and beeswax also release a fragrance that’s purer and more natural. Although CaiCai admits to infusing appropriate amounts of fragrance oil to the wax in some of her candles but ensures that the fragrance is gentle and not overwhelming to the sense of smell. CaiCai sells her creations on her Etsy shop.

Soy & Beeswax Candle Store

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