This Company Creates Visual Advertising Through Artificial Clouds That Just Cannot Be Missed

Remember the advertising of yesteryears, where a product banner used to be attached to the tail of a small plane. The plane flew over the city, attracting people’s attention and promoting the product. Something similar was done using dirigibles and balloons.

However, SmileCloudsUSA does it a bit differently. Their visual advertising is through a floating cloud! And it reaches the target audiences like never before. The cutting-edge technology uses environmentally-friendly soap fluid, water, and helium.

The technology allows the creation of custom-shaped clouds in the form of logos, words, objects and what-have-you…almost anything one desires. Since this artificial cloud is created out of liquid soap and helium, it soars high up above in the sky for all to see. The best part is when it finally dissipates it leaves no trace behind or contributes to air pollution or littering in any way.

SmileCloudsUSA was established with the sole aim of assisting event professionals, party planners, and wedding coordinators, helping them reach their target audience. The clouds can be ordered in various sizes, ranging from 16 inches to eight feet. And almost anything can be portrayed using these clouds, whether it’s baby showers, weddings, red carpet galas and much more.

According to the company, such clouds, high up in the sky, just cannot be missed and become attention-grabbing eye-magnets, perfectly catching the moment. This is what the company states on its website regarding the clouds:

“There is magic in every cloud and we’ve all sat on our backs and compared shapes in the sky, as clouds slowly drift by. Our 100 percent eco-friendly floating foam shapes are perfect in any setting, from a high energy rock concert to a sustainable farm, where we add wildflower seeds for the coolest instance of seed-bombing Mother Nature has ever experienced!”

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