Pencil Artist Creates Lifelike Sketches That Look Like Black And White Photographs

Silvie Mahdal’s incredible pencil sketches are giving black and white photographs a run for their money. This is because her sketches are so perfect that it’s certainly difficult to distinguish between the two.

This pencil artist, who was born in Zlin, the Czech Republic, was passionate about drawing since her childhood. However, she never got a chance to pursue her passion and, instead, went on to pursue doctoral studies in law. It was during this time that her love for drawing got reignited.

This was the moment when Silvie decided to follow her heart and took up a pencil sketching in a big way. She put her works on Instagram and they went viral, making her popular with the viewers in no time. There has been no looking back since then. Today, she has a followership of over one million fans on this social platform and is keenly followed on other websites and social platforms.

Silvie, who’s based in Prague, the Czech Republic, is an expert at sketching all kinds of subjects. But it’s the human face that fascinates her the most. One look at her portraits and you’ll think you’re looking at black and white pics, so photograph-like they look. Not only this, but her compositions also express the mood and feelings of her subjects.

For her realistic drawings, Silvie uses graphite pencils, an eraser, a blending stump, and a soft paintbrush. With these simple tools, she creates some of the most outstanding sketches on the smooth paper of a sketchbook. She loves to include geometric aspects in her portraits. And, like in nature, she doesn’t strive for perfection, since, for her, imperfections are not only real but beautiful too.

Silvie knows how keen her followers are to emulate her art, so she provides these budding artists with tips, tutorials, and real-time videos to help them learn and improve their drawing skills. In her detailed tutorials, she takes one part of the face, say a nose or an eye, and teaches the various sketching aspects of it, till the learner has gained mastery over it. Of course, her tutorials don’t come free, but they’re certainly good value for money.

Silvie Mahdal

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