A Tiny Bush Baby Scurrying On A Dominant Gorilla’s Fur Surprises All

If you think only humans are capable of giving love to the members of other species, you may want to review your opinion after seeing what this Western Lowland Gorilla was seen doing. Although such cases are not isolated, it is still a rarity among primates.

Image Credits: Ape Action Africa/Alex Benitez

Recently, one of the caregivers of Ape Action Africa, a non-profit organization established in Mefou Sanctuary in Cameroon, Africain 1996 for the conservation of endangered primates, noticed Bobo, a 24-year-old male, cradling what looked like a mouse. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a bush baby!

Image Credits: Ape Action Africa/Alex Benitez

If you are wondering what bush babies are here’s a low-down. Bushbabies, also known as Galagos, are nocturnal primates that are native to Africa. And these diminutive creatures are not any kind of monkeys or chimps but are of a different species altogether with large eyes and ears, and furry bodies.

Image Credits: Ape Action Africa/Alex Benitez

So, the loving bond between the two vastly different primates came as a total surprise. Even more surprising was the fact that this bushbaby moved fearlessly around on Bobo’s thick fur as if it were its home! It did hop around in open grassy patches for some time but always returned to Bobo.

Image Credits: Ape Action Africa/Alex Benitez

As for Bobo, he did what the Ape Action Africa caregivers do for him…provided love and care to the tiny creature. The astonishing fact is that Bobo is not one of the members in the group, but a large, muscular dominant male of his group that comprise three females and three males.

Image Credits: Ape Action Africa/Alex Benitez


To see such a ferocious gorilla, who has successfully thwarted the attempts of younger males – Kibu and Nkamum – in the past to become leaders of the group, have such a gentle side is most touching, to say the least.

Video Credits: Ape Action Africa/Alex Benitez

Another surprising fact about this bonding was the bush baby’s antics in the daytime since these nocturnal animals are rarely seen during the day. Although other members of Bobo’s group hoped to share the bush baby, Bobo was most reluctant and kept the creature to himself, just letting them have a peek. 

Bobo played with the bush baby for almost two hours and then returned it to a tree that was within his enclosure. The bush baby went his way into the thicket. To the members of Ape Action Africa, this was certainly a rare bonding, the likes of which they had never seen before.

h/t: Boredpanda

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