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This Exponent Of Wearable Art Turns Regular Shoes Into Customized Collectibles

He lovingly calls it his ‘wearable art’ and he renders it on both clothes and footwear, mostly on sports shoes. Meet Cameron Pickstock, whose hand-painted wearable art is making waves on the internet. And his art is simply incredible!

Since childhood, Pickstock was always passionate about art and drawing. It was his parents who supported him throughout to help him realize his dream. When he was in the sixth form in the UK, he was already painting his own clothes and shoes. His inspiration, then, was his favorite music artists. It’s good to see his passion for painting and creating anything has only grown stronger with time.

Art, for Pickstock, is most therapeutic and is a form of stress buster. It calms his mind and gives him the freedom to take his own sweet time to perfect his work. What’s more, his love for music adds to his mental tranquility, since he loves to listen to his favorite music while at work.

However, this isn’t the only motivation for Pickstock. He aims to tap the music and fashion industry for his work. His fond wish is to work with music artists, such as Kanye and Russ, and get them to wear his art. “I would love to start painting shoes for large artists, the main goal is Kanye or Russ” Cameron Told AwesomeByte. His favorite piece is the Astroworld album cover, which he took up as a challenge and was himself surprised when he could recreate its cover on a shoe!

To the public at large, Pickstock offers something really special to wear to make them feel good. His fervent wish is to see people wear his custom shoes and clothing to make them stand out from others and help them express themselves. It was in January 2019 that he started selling his painted shoes, offering his clients a wide choice of portrait illustrations and music art.

Based in Worcester, UK, Pickstock not only paints shoes but claims to paint on anything. “No not just shoes! I can paint on anything really! I’ve painted on denim jackets, jeans, shirts, and even Air pods.” In addition to clothing, such as jeans, denim jackets, shirts, he even paints Airpods, among others! His focus is on customizing shoes and clothing with different paints and materials.

Pickstock uses Angelus Direct paints to paint shoes, using the thinnest brushes. He prefers this paint because it lasts as long as factory paints applied to shoes. That these paints are fast is borne out by the fact that he hasn’t received a single complaint regarding them. Trying out the shoes himself, before putting them on sale has much to do with it.

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