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Uncover the Secret Drawings Hidden in Sharece’s Paintings

Are you a fan of whimsical art? If so, you need to check out the work of artist and author Amber Wade (Sharece Art), who goes by the name Sharece. Based in South Carolina, Sharece uses both dot and scrape techniques to create her beautiful paintings.

One thing that sets Sharece’s work apart is her use of scraping techniques. Many of her paintings have hidden illustrations underneath the layers of paint. By carefully scraping away the paint, the drawings are revealed, adding an extra layer of intrigue to her art.

To create the illustrations, Sharece uses permanent ink. This is because it does not bleed when combined with paint, ensuring that her drawings remain crisp and clear.

Another technique that Sharece uses to create negative space is the use of white paint or a secret resist. The resist peels off easily, allowing her to create intricate designs with ease.

In addition to her scrape paintings, Sharece also creates beautiful pieces using dots. These dot paintings resemble pixels and are created by carefully placing thousands of dots on paper. To add a unique touch, she squashes her pixel paintings with a glass sheet. This creates two pieces of art – the painting on paper and the glass – which she keeps for scrapbooking or sale.

If you’re looking for unique and whimsical art, Sharece Art work is definitely worth checking out. Her use of different techniques and attention to detail create beautiful pieces that are sure to brighten up any room.

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