This Amazing Artist Blends Graffiti With Traditional Art

His name is Sfhir and his claim to fame is blending the spontaneity of graffiti with traditional art to churn out some creative refreshing works of art that is making people sit up and take note. Is it any wonder that he enjoys a following of over 13,000 on Instagram itself!

Sfhir was only 14 when the art bug bit him. He started out with graffiti in 1995 pouring his heart out in his creations. His passion for art ensured that his artistic talent progressively evolved with time. To infuse originality in his works, Sfhir began to experiment with three-dimensional art with a range of colors. His works come across as an amalgamation of fine lines, sharp shapes and bright colors.

In 1998, Sfhir joined a newly founded artistic group, La Coma 7 comprising six members. This gave him a firsthand experience in urban muralism. It was only a matter of time that he chalked out his own path by setting out on his illustrious artistic journey through various countries across the globe, enthralling all by his superb compositions. In 2008, he became the proud member of OGT, the renowned international art group.

For his compositions, Sfhir uses a variety of art tools, such as airbrushes, brushers, rollers and guns. And he feels as at home using a ballpoint pen on paper, fire on wood, illustrations made with laser pointers that disappear and much more.

What makes this artist stand out is his eagerness to do something different every time.

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

Image Via: Sfhir

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