Sculpturing A Face with Twitch Star Christopher Notbush aka cnotbusch

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of sculpting your own character from scratch, Christopher R. Notbusch aka cnotbusch is your man. He’s a self-taught traditional sculptor who found a career in live streaming while sculpting on Twitch.

Self-taught 3D sculptor, Twitch streamer, and YouTube content creator Christopher R. Notbusch have made quite a name for himself in the gaming world for his outstanding sculpting skills.

Meet Christopher Notbusch: Twitch’s Famous Traditional Sculptor

Christopher Notbusch is a self-taught traditional sculptor who has been known for his work on since 2011.

He originally started sculpting about twelve years ago, when his grandmother bought him a book called “Modeling with Polymer Clay” by David Kracov. This book became one of his favorites; he really loved it and he sculpted it on and off throughout his youth.

He fell into doing commission work early on, which helped him to keep pursuing his passion while making some extra money on the side. Eventually, he got more serious about the work, and in 2011 discovered live streaming and created his channel on Twitch. He started streaming using the game categories because at that time no other categories existed.

He became the very first non-gaming “artist partner” on the platform as a result of being made a partner by Twitch itself once it was made aware of his work via community support combined with commission work from viewers which allowed him to support himself full-time as an artist ever since.

Well, aside from being able to watch the entire process unfold in real time, he offers his clients a special opportunity to contribute directly to the creation process as all his work is streamed live! You, along with his audience, are encouraged to interact with him while he works and views the entire process from start to finish.

Despite the fact that Twitch is known for gaming, Notbusch’s success proves that it can be used for more than just streaming a gameplay session. The great thing about live streaming is that people from all over the world have the chance to connect in real-time, and never knew each other before.

Christopher’s main focus is on traditional sculpting and he feels that this is where he can add the most value to his viewers. He enjoys teaching people the fundamentals of art such as anatomy, lighting, and composition. He believes that teaching others how to create whatever they want their way will be more fulfilling in the long run.

Many people underestimate the flexibility of the arts and get easily discouraged, but it’s not an easy path toward riches. Christopher Notbusch is a prime example of a self-taught content creator who has built up a reputation for himself online and is continuing to build his career. It may not always be effortless and it takes dedication, but with the right amount of drive and talent, you can build your dream career while helping others achieve theirs as well.

Christopher Notbusch Sculptor

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