This Dressed-Up Mini Dachshund Makes Waves On The Social Media

There is no doubt that the Dachshund breed of dogs is real clowns, what with their crazy antics. However, the mini variety of this breed is even more so. This has been proved beyond any doubt by the hilarious, and at the same time adorable, pictures of Schmitt, the mini Dachshund that is making waves on the social media.

The full credit of making Schmitt so hilarious goes to its owner. The way she dresses this doggie up is something to be seen to be believed. And the chocolate brown two-tone fur colour of this dog lends itself admirably to whatever he’s made to wear.

It’s not only the dressing up that makes Schmitt so lovable but the creative thinking of the owner that goes behind the getup. While most get-ups make this dog oh-so-cute, some convey a deep meaning and are thought-provoking. Take the one in which he’s shown holding two pink balloons, depicting a woman’s breasts. The caption reads ‘In honour of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month’.

Some of the most interesting pics show Schmitt’s snout poking through a variety of eats. It’s really a wonder how this canine is able to resist the temptation of biting into them! It’s no wonder that the hilarious pictures on Instagram of this adorable dog have attracted over 65,000 fans.



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