Saving Humanity Bit by Bit

Road rage is not a new scenario in our daily life, showing how intolerance we are becoming day by day.In such an atmosphere a ray of hope can do miracle.

Not long ago, in Singapore an incident proved that their are still some people who are really a ray of hope for humanity in this world. Story  of this Incident was shared as Facebook post by Tin Pei Ling, a Member of Parliament (MP), according to the Straits Times.

Image Via: Tin Pei Ling/Facebook

34-year-old engineer and entrepreneur named Alvin Ho was driving to his work when his car got hit by another car. The accident was not fatal and the driver of the car came out to apologize to Ho and told  him , about him being a cancer patient and was already heading to a hospital as he has not been feeling well and lost  consciousness temporarily while driving.  

“Turned out the car that knocked his was driven by a 65-year-old uncle who unexpectedly blacked out momentarily at the wheel,” Tin wrote.

Tim Ho without wasting any time, offered the man to take him to the hospital and even chose to stay around at the hospital as the man was being admitted, ensuring the man was given immediate medical attention.

In the post, the MP praised Ho for his kind gesture that not even saved a man but also provide him moral support by choosing to stay around him when he could have just easily gone to his work and ignore the incident.

“But he didn’t. He made sure uncle was looked after all the way until he got home,”she added.

Via: Straitstimes | Nextshark

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