These Sand Cuttings Will Give You A “New Height Of Satisfaction”

Ever heard of kinetic sand? Well, it’s a kind of special sand that contains silicone oil, which makes it dense and moldable. If you really want to see what this kind of sand can be made to do, visit Sandtagious, and be totally awestruck by its videos.

The videos put out by Sandtagious showcases this wet sand in vibrant colors being meticulously cut, scooped and worked in ways that are only limited by the artist’s imagination. Such is the ease with which this sand is manipulated, cut and molded into various forms that some find it intensely satisfying and strangely soothing!

One look at these videos and you’d exactly know why it continues to get people hooked. Such is the perfection and precision in slicing a wedge of sand or stretching it in colorful bands that it has to be seen to be believed.

The creator of these videos is a designer working in the US, but he wants to remain anonymous. Although he has put these videos on Instagram and YouTube only recently, on Instagram alone it these have recorded a viewership of over a million people.

According to Sandtagious, he got inspired by viewing such videos. This motivated him to create his own videos. Says he, “I wanted to add my own design and creativity to the videos and it just developed from there.”

The lure of visually appealing sand attracts people no end. And this is where the real appeal of this ‘sand artist’ truly lies.









Sandtagious: Instagram | Youtube

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