FallingInSand Delights Viewers With Unique Sand Art In Glass Containers

Sand art in a bottle is always intriguing. How can the sand, poured from the top of the bottle, make perfect images on the side of the bottle! Well, ask FallingInSand for the answer.

FallingInSand is an online art studio that has perfected the art of converting any image or photograph into sand art in glass containers. People love to display such sand art as beautiful decorations that not only brighten up the place but also intrigue the viewers. Today, this studio has an avid fan following and many happy clients.

James Sun The Artist

This unique form of sand art is the brainchild of artist James Sun, who began by showcasing it on Tiktok. He didn’t go the usual way of making commercial 2D sand art but focused on creating sand artwork inside a glass container depicting people’s everyday life.

Initially, making sand art in a glass container wasn’t easy for Sun. His first attempt was imperfect, but this didn’t deter him. In fact, it egged him on to perfect his skills. Through trial and error, he managed to perfect this art, and in doing so, he laid the foundation of FallingInSand in Toronto, Canada.

Sun states on his website that art is the highest expression of the human spirit and, through his sand art, he’s able to demonstrate the vast range of human emotions and feelings. He certainly leaves no stone unturned in finding original ways of making sand art in different shaped containers, both in 2D and 3D formats.

Today, FallingInSand holds expertise in making sand art on the themes of compassion, environmental protection, friendship, love, and peace. Little wonder people deem the high-quality customized creations of this studio as ideal gifts for birthdays, engagements, pet memorials, weddings, and much else…all with its signature personal touch.

That’s not all, the studio also records videos of any changes of the art and combines it with a perfect soundtrack that gels with the message and sentiments conveyed by it. What’s more, the studio also uses eco-friendly colored sand for its ethically handcrafted artwork.

FallingInSand is not only delighting clients with its incredible sand art, but has also collaborated with several associations, companies, musicians, shows, and individuals. It has a global presence, shipping its unique sand art creations to continents, such as America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Of course, all this is made possible due to the studio’s true understanding of the industry and the needs of its clients.




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