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The Complex Doodling Of This Master Doodler Delights One And All

Have you ever met an artist who claims to suffer from OCD? No, not Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but Obsessive-Compulsive Drawing! Well, here’s one named Sam Cox, who claims to suffer from it.

This 23-year-old has earned the sobriquet of Mr. Doodle and, boy he is compulsive as far as his doodling goes! Of course, the symptoms of this obsessiveness were quite evident in him from his very childhood. He used to scribble and doodle on school books, walls, furniture, and anything and everything that could be doodled upon.

It’s not surprising that Cox evolved this craze for doodling into a full-time career and even created a new universe for himself called DoodleLand. This land is nothing but pure blank space that offers infinite doodling possibilities. You just have to take a peek at what he does with walls and matching clothes to know what we mean.

This doodler, based in England, has built his own distinct style. He only requires a white or colored surface that he packs with his unique doodling in color or black ink. And the variety of his doodles is simply mind-blowing, comprising symbols, odd characters and complex patterns that he matches with his similarly doodled clothes. He likens it to walking into a store and getting struck by a barrage of images, shapes, and colors on the packaging kept in the shelves.

Cox never loses sight of the fun element in his doodling. Says he, “A lot of art is lacking a sense of humor. It’s a fun thing to be able to draw and create your own world and sometimes it’s funny. I’m not afraid of people laughing at me or if they don’t get it.”

Cox’s doodling has attracted big brands and his growing list of clients includes Adidas, Cass Art, MTV, and others. His ultimate aim is to create a ‘huge white mansion’ or a ‘DoodleLand theme park’, where everything is doodled. Currently, he’s working on the live drawing at the Henley Festival, where he will be creating a 10-meter by two-meter doodles for visitors to fill colors in.

The sheer complexity of his works has got him some diehard fans. On Instagram alone, he has over 1.9 million fans.

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Image Via: Mr. Doodle Instagram

Mr Doodle

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