This Russian Photographer Takes A Dig At Beach Models By Making An Overweight Male Model Pose As Them On The Beach

Some Ladies Will Definitely Find Herself In The Poses

Do you know what is the best way to counter body shaming? Well, it’s to laugh at one’s own body! Probably this was the thought behind these series of funny photos that not tickle our funny bone but take a shot at the typical poses that women are mostly found in at the beaches.

These amusing photographs are the work of Victor Vodolazky, a photographer based in Moscow, Russia. The outrageously out of shape model in his photographs is Timofei Trefilov, an artist, who was game enough to be shot in various feminine poses on the beach.

It is difficult to keep a straight face after seeing the overweight Trefilov pose as a beach model and do all these feminine antics. And it’s not only the poses that elicit laughter but the body-hugging jumpsuit he wears that stretches over his obese body and adds to his funny looks. 

Vodolazky describes himself as a teacher of photography, a good man, father and husband. Says he, “I love people. I love my job. I love life.” And his work is a testimony to his life’s philosophy.

Photographer: Vodolazky
Artist: Timofei Trefilov

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

Image: Vodolazky

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Written by Deepak Mehla

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