Russian Artist Sculpts One-Of-A-Kind Feline Ceramic Tableware

Most ceramic crockery usually offers nice designs and patterns, but the tableware of this Russian artist is exclusively for cat lovers, that is, her beautiful feline ceramics. What she offers is both unique and alluring. Meet Tatiana Gavrilova, who describes herself as Taniko Ga on social media.

This Russian artist makes one-of-a-kind tableware that depicts cats in many moods – cozily curled up, staring unblinkingly, or simply snoozing – all created on ceramic plates in a range of sizes. The realistic colors she uses to create these plates look more like decorative items than as tableware. Her captivating works include Siamese cats, tabbies, cats with natural-colored furs, and more.

So, how did Taniko came across this idea? She shares it with through email, thus, “I love cats very much! I also love ceramics. It gives almost limitless opportunities for the realization of my ideas. For these reasons, my shop is mostly ceramic cats in a variety of variations – from a small ring to a large plate. I love what I do. I hope you’ll love it too!”

Taniko does everything with her own hands, whether it’s creating the design, sculpting, or painting. She uses white clay to sculpt her tableware and paints them by hand. The reason why each and every piece is unique. However, some of her plates are solely decorative in nature and are provided with metal loops for hanging.

Taniko was born in the Vologda region of Russia. Although by her own admission, she was never interested in arts since childhood, she loved to sculpt and always came up with something, and tried to implement it with different materials. Having tried many materials, she finally settled for ceramics. This is because it gives almost limitless opportunities for the realization of her ideas. Moreover, she wanted a material that would not limit her and she found ceramic fitted the bill. The surprising part is she has had no formal training in ceramic sculpting but is completely self-taught.

Taniko has an undying love for cats for the simple reason they’re so perfect! So, it was but natural that she expressed her feline love in ceramics and the spectacular result is for all to see. She has participated in 2 group thematic exhibitions in Saint Petersburg ‘Portrait of a Cat’, where she displayed her works. Her ceramics are available for purchase on her Etsy shop.

Tatiana Gavrilova

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