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This Amazing Artist Shows How Popular Superheroes And Famous Characters Would Look In Their Twilight Years

Ever wondered how your comic superheroes would look when they grow old? Well, LesyaGuseva, a Russian artist based in Perm, Russia has visualized it and how! Guseva presents her wonderful and funny take on aging superheroes in a series called ‘Pensioners’. Her illustrations portray some of the popular Marvel, DC and Disney characters in what they would be doing when they have grown old.

While most of the superheroes are seen simply enjoying their twilight years, taking rest, like the Batman sleeping with his favorite toy in his arms and the Joker, Batman’s arch rival, putting on lipstick that he had grown used to, the others, despite their old age, have not lost their superpowers and have found ways to employ their weapons.

For example, Flash traveling in his wheelchair at lightning speed, Hulk working up a rage, Spiderman knitting with his wife, and Thor putting his hammer to good use making a birdhouse! There are touching illustrations too, like Minnie and Mickey Mouse celebrating their 90th birthday and Captain America protecting an old lady from the rain by his shield.

What prompted Guseva to embark on this mission to depict aging superheroes? Says she, “This series of illustrations was an accident.”The idea came to her when she participated in an art competition. To realize this idea, she picked her subjects from the famous superheroes and fairy tale characters. She fantasized how they would look if they were suddenly caught in her imaginary universe. 

Guseva’s talent as an illustrator is simply marvelous. It’s not only the aging superheroes but her other portraits of celebrities and popular figures that leave us in awe. Little wonder she has a fan following of over 35,000 people on Instagram alone. 

Check here awesome illustrations below:


Image Via: Lesya Guseva Instagram

Image Via: Lesya Guseva Instagram

Image Via: Lesya Guseva Instagram

Image Via: Lesya Guseva Instagram

Image Via: Lesya Guseva Instagram

Image Via: Lesya Guseva Instagram

Lesya Guseva


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