Unique Miniature Work, ‘Roy’s People’, Makes Waves On The Internet

There is no dearth of artists involved in miniature art, but what Roy does is something so unique that it immediately captures the heart. In his work, this artist, brings miniature figures, elements of photography and the streets together to create situations that not only appeal to the eyes but is also a reflection on our surroundings.

Roy terms his work as Roy’s People. Each of his work is a visualization treat and his handcrafted figures are infused with real feelings and emotions with which the viewer immediately connects. His inspiration is the real-life scenes that he witnesses all around and the current contemporary art scene. He ventures anywhere and everywhere to photograph and capture his art, be it the glittering city streets or the dirty streets of London.

Roy is adept at creating unique images and installations that has miniatures at its focus. His work includes common items, such as bottle caps, discarded cigarettes butts, dropped cups with spilt ice cream and even living things like snails and bees.

For this, Roy searches for everyday props and also indulges in taxidermy to create works that are both humorous and intriguing. It is only the human figures that he creates and paints from his own material. His miniatures convey their moods by the actions they are depicting. Roy’s People have a personality and charm of their own.

There are several works that Roy did for Citroen, Gillette, Nikon, Pot Noodle, Sea World, The Big Issue, The Other Art Fair, The Royal Mint, Time Out, among others, that are both interesting and unique.

Roy’s People have diehard fans on the internet. On Instagram alone, he has over 26,000 fans. The good news is his work is for sale. All you need to do is to visit the website royspeople.com and shop for these miniature masterpieces.

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