Rock Carving Artist Makes Unisex Rock Jewelry You’ll Love

Brandon Thursby has been working as a self-taught Rhode Island artist specializing in hand-carved stone pendants/jewelry since 2007.

Brandon’s passion for rock carving began when he was still in high school and started experimenting with rock carving in 2007. He designed something unique for himself to wear that reflected his own creativity and love for nature. This is now his full-time job, but it used to be a hobby—something that Brandon could do for fun on the side. When Brandon had an idea for something he wanted to make, he would go out into nature and find the rocks that he needed to create it.

All of Brandon’s metal is silver (tarnish-resistant sterling silver), and all of his rope is black polyester tied with an adjustable knot so you can find your perfect length!

After years of experimenting with rock carving, Brandon has created a shop that showcases his creative and environmentally-friendly jewelry. He uses only the finest materials to create his pieces, and all of them are made by him.

After years of experimenting with different types of rocks, Brandon realized that he wanted to make something unique for himself to wear that reflected his own creativity and love for nature. This is why he decided to open his Etsy shop in 2013!

He uses only the finest materials available so you can be sure your Rock Jewelry will last for years to come.

Most of the rocks he uses are found on Southern Rhode Island beaches, so you can rest assured knowing that your jewelry is made from local natural resources!

The danger with a hobby becoming your job is that you may lose some of the excitement and passion you experienced initially. But after seeing Brandon’s work, we can attest that he hasn’t lost any of his passion for stone carving. In fact, it would appear that the opposite is true. He has successfully integrated his passion into his daily life, while still making the hobby enjoyable. It’s partly because of this that we’ve featured him on our blog.

Brandon’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has a dream and is willing to work hard to make their own little corner of the world more beautiful. And while Brandon’s path forward was never easy, even in the light of setbacks and failure, he was able to persevere and have his efforts rewarded. His stones are beautiful and his story is remarkable.

Brandon and Sam Rock Jewelry

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