Artist Brings Fairies Down to the Earth in the Form of Incredible Wire Sculptures

Fairies not only exist in fairyland but on this earth too. And Robin Wight, an artist, is the one who brings them to life here on earth. He creates wire fairies that look so enchanting as if one is visiting a fairyland.

Wight was always passionate about art since his childhood and enjoyed pencil sketching. Two events happened in his life that steered him towards fairies. One, he moved to the middle of a nature reserve, where, according to him, fairies ought to exist and, second, he received a new camera with which he could capture his fairy art.

Wight is keenly interested in fairies. On his website, he describes them quite vividly, “Fairies can be delicate, feminine with whimsical character traits, who collect dandelion seeds and grant wishes for humans.” So, once when he found some spare wire while mending a fence, he thought of creating a fairy out of it. The end result caught his fancy and he went ahead creating his fairies, so much so, he even started selling them. Not only this, but he also created a fairy trail in the woods for the village festival. It became so popular that Trentham Gardens commissioned him to build the same trail in their gardens.

Even for Wight, creating fairies out of wire is not easy. He has to get the ideas, turn these ideas into sketches, and then execute them on the ground. Not only this, once the sculpture is complete, he has to set the scene for the fairy to enter the world, ensure her correct position, the right weather conditions, and lighting. He then clicks their pictures and makes videos. Finally, by deft editing, he’s able to make the whole scene either dramatic, or suspenseful, or whimsical.

Wight has been at it for the last 10 years and has created a fantasy world of sorts that’ve fairies with their own name and character traits. According to him, his art isn’t just wire sculptures but involves the design, photography, videography, and site location. Little wonder his fans pay tens of thousands for an original FantasyWire fairy.

Robin Wight

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