Rob Strati’s Fragmented Art: Breathing New Life into Broken Plates

When life gives you broken plates, create art – that’s the mantra that artist Rob Strati has seemingly adopted in his innovative and inspiring artwork. In his series titled “Fragmented,” Strati takes shattered sentimental plates and transforms them into remarkable pieces of art through the power of ink and paper. By doing so, he not only preserves the memory of the original objects but also adds a unique, contemporary twist that transcends their original form.

The inspiration for the Fragmented series came from a personal experience of Strati, when a cherished plate belonging to his late mother-in-law met an unfortunate end. Instead of mourning the loss or attempting to reconstruct the plate, Strati sought to give it a new lease on life through his artistic vision. This led to the development of his ongoing series that explores the possibilities and narratives that can arise from broken objects.

Each artwork in the Fragmented series begins with the artist placing a real broken plate on a sheet of paper. Strati then carefully examines the existing design and utilizes a pen to fill in the missing details, such as landscapes, animals, or architectural elements. However, his approach does not merely replicate the original design; rather, he allows his imagination to run wild and creates new pathways for the artwork, freeing the elements from the constraints of the plate’s circular frame and allowing them to spread across the entire canvas.

By using ink that matches the original, monochromatic colors of the antique plates, Strati seamlessly connects the shattered pieces with his intricate drawings. The result is a series of surreal, dreamlike scenarios that extend from the original design, bursting with figures, ships, animals, and bucolic landscapes that expand into vast vistas. This unique approach has captured the attention of art enthusiasts and earned Strati praise from reputable sources such as MyModernMet and ThisisColossal.

Strati’s Fragmented series not only showcases his artistic talent and creativity but also sends a powerful message about the beauty and potential hidden in broken things. By giving new life to these shattered plates, he demonstrates that even the most seemingly irreparable objects can be transformed into something extraordinary when approached with an open mind and a creative spirit.

In a world where we are often quick to discard and replace damaged items, Rob Strati’s Fragmented art is a refreshing reminder of the potential for beauty and transformation that lies within the brokenness. As we continue to admire his captivating artwork, we cannot help but be inspired to embrace the imperfect and see the possibilities in the fragmented pieces of our own lives.

Broken Plates Reimagined Rob Strati Fragmented Art

Broken Plates Reimagined Rob Strati Fragmented Art

Broken Plates Reimagined Rob Strati Fragmented Art

Broken Plates Reimagined Rob Strati Fragmented Art

Rob Strati Fragmented Art

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