English Artist Creates Wire Sculptures that Portrays Human Body in Motion

We have all seen moving sculptures, but here is an artist who makes such exquisite wire sculptures that give the impression of movement and fluidity. This remarkable artist is Richard Stainthrop, who creates beautiful human forms using only wire.

Stainthrop, based in Richmond, UK, makes his sculptures so well that even without any facial features these wire sculptures convey fluidity and emotions through body language. With two decades of experience, this artist is adept at creating human forms – both male and female – in minute details.

What this English artist does is densely wrap large-gauged strands of wire to create life-size human sculptures that depict incredible fluidity. Even the static sculptures look as if they are in motion. What’s even more amazing is he does not paint his creations but retains the wire’s metallic luster.

All Stainthrop’s sculptures look complex and rightly so, as he explains on boredpanda.com, “Wire is an extremely difficult medium to work with. It’s not automatically what one would consider as a ‘material’ for creating solid, three-dimensional sculptures. It was the fact that it was so difficult that made it a challenge for me.”

This kind of sculpture-making is so difficult that even after years of practice, Stainthrop, by his own admission, has not been able to master the material and make his sculptures look right from all angles, the hallmark of mastery. Not only this, he also endeavors to inculcate a sense of movement in all his creations and portray emotions. It is this challenge that keeps him motivated.

Stainthrop’s sculptures are up for grabs on his website. However, all his sculptures are made to commission as he keeps no stock of these artworks. Each sculpture is handcrafted and may take weeks or months to create, depending upon the size, complexity, and form of the sculpture.

Image Via: Richard Stainthrop Website

Image Via: Richard Stainthrop Website

Image Via: Richard Stainthrop Website

Image Via: Richard Stainthrop Website

Image Via: Richard Stainthrop Website

Richard Stainthrop


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