Richard Berner’s Insanely Detailed Skulls Are A Portal To The Magic Afterlife

Richard Berner’s art is a gateway to another world. The kind of place where you can go to escape the mundane and find yourself in a wonderful place of wonder and delight.

Based in Brighton, UK Berner uses a diverse range of mediums to create his unique images, including inks, gouache paint, and fineliners. His characters are often formed of his countless figures or ‘Champs’. They are created using ink and gouache as well as collage and other techniques.

Berner (Richard Berner artist) attended art college where he was taught that there was no future in drawing his weird little characters. He went on to study Fine Art at Brighton University under John Minton who encouraged him to create more complex works. Following this, Berner worked independently without such restrictions and set free his Champs on canvas or paper.

Berner’s (Richard Berner artist) work invites the viewer into a world where life and death collide. His art is about exploring duality; life/death juxtaposed, taking something familiar and making it strange enough for people to see beyond their own prejudices and preconceptions about what is real or not real; what we think we know versus what we actually know – because it’s all relative!

Richard Berner artist Insanely detailed Skulls Are A Portal To The Magic Afterlife is an art project that takes you on a journey through the imagination.

The range of work created by him gives insight into the many different approaches he takes to his art.

Berner’s art has a kitschy, tongue-in-cheek quality to it that makes it appealing to a wide audience. And because it embraces the bizarre in such a creative way, its message can be interpreted in so many different ways. In that sense, his work is truly beautiful. It gives us something fun to look at and think about, even if we’re not sure what that something is.

Richard Berner Artist

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