Rice Art By Maria And Conrad Is Certainly One-Of-Its-Kind

The term Rice Art is quite a misnomer here since it suggests writing or painting on rice grains. Nothing of the sort happens in the Rice Art done by Maria and Conrad, a married couple of five years. Their idea is original, the reason why it’s attracting attention on their Instagram page.

The process adopted by this couple is simple. They take a large board, draw a rough outline sketch of their subject on it and fill it with colored rice, using a glass beaker. This done, they stand in front of a video camera with the board in hand, held like a tray, and throw the rice upwards. The falling rice retains the original figure and is captured in the camera. This short video clip is then posted on their Instagram page.

To date, the couple has created numerous rice artworks, such as happy faces, crying faces, loving faces, various animals, and many others. The rice is prepared for art by dying it in vibrant colors of different hues, depending upon the artwork. More than the drawing, their expertise lies in throwing the rice, laid on the wooden tray, expertly upwards with a jerk, so that the figure doesn’t get distorted midair. The effect this gives is certainly phenomenal.

What’s more surprising is the fact that they’re able to catch the rice grains back on the wooden board itself, without spilling them on the ground. This unique art form is gaining popularity, as is evident by the viewership of over 11,000 on their Instagram page that’s growing by the day.


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