Designing An Artistic Ode To Your Most Un-knowing Self

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and felt a sense of connection? Like you’re seeing your future or something more than just the color of their iris. Rhys Kelly is a hand-painted eye artist. She’s obsessed with painting eyes and enjoys making them look as realistic as possible.

Rhys Kelly is a painter and jewelry designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She focuses on hand-painting eyes to match anyone’s eye color. Rhys loves painting eyes because they’re all so different & unique!

Growing up she gravitated toward finding beauty in the unexpected, creating jewelry from things that she found in nature. As years passed, her creativity evolved. She graduated from Douglas Education Center a small art school in Monessen, PA. In one course she learned how to paint eyes and teeth for creatures that they sculpted. She saw how much detail went into painting one eye and how no two eyes are the same. This was a perfect representation of what she always knew to be true: The eye represents perspective, uniqueness, and individualism.

During the course Rhys quickly became obsessed with painting animal eyes and then later human eyes (eyeball jewelry); she loved creating detailed little worlds on the microscopic surface of each eyeball. From there she was inspired to make custom eyeball jewelry pendants for her loved ones!

All in all, human eyes are fascinating and beautiful things. It’s absolutely mindblowing how each one(eyeball jewelry) is hand painted to look so different from eye to eye and even within the same person’s two eyes. Rhys has a lot of patience, but I sure don’t know how she does it. Putting every little detail on each eye can definitely be painstaking work!

What I really hope is that people see the beauty in the little details. I know that at first glance it may not look like a lot of work, but every eyeball is different, and because it’s done by hand each one will be different, too. The very thought of being able to create a special piece just for that person in your life is just so exciting!

Rhys Kelly Eyeball Jewelry

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