This Illustrator Sketches Exact Replicas Of Buildings That Are Difficult To Distinguish From Their Photographs

This beautiful artist doesn’t need picture postcards of places she visits, she draws them herself by hand! She’s Velly Miller, born and raised in Moscow, Russia, who has an immense liking for illustrations, architecture, and travel. Her illustrations of monuments and buildings are so intricately detailed they are hard to distinguish from actual photographs.

Velly is as passionate about drawing as she is of traveling. And she has traveled to many countries capturing all the historical spots with architectural finesse on the drawing paper. Says she, “I’ve been to Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, and Great Britain. As you can see, I’ve only visited a few countries, and I wish to visit more in the future.”

To make her illustrations memorable, Velly also snaps them against the backdrop of the original building or monument, just to show exactly how her illustration compares with the original. She then uploads them on her Instagram page.

Although Velly studied in the school of arts, she was not satisfied with the way art was taught there. Although she did pass out from that school, she vowed never to touch a brush again. Instead, she took up drawing and illustration. In no time she was drawing portraits of people and selling them online.

Velly’s soaring popularity brought her to the notice of established fashion-related people, bloggers and Instagrammers of Moscow, who guided her. These meetings also reawakened her love for oil painting.

Velly uses a wide variety of materials, but her favorites are Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils and Touch Twin markers. With these, she does a superb job of matching colors with the original buildings in her illustrations. She also renders black and white sketches.

It’s no surprise that she has already become a sensation on the net. On Instagram alone, she has more than 109,000 fans and counting.

Velly Miller


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