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Remodeling Bamboo into a life-sized Insects Replics

Shaping reality can be a little bit difficult as it involves a challenge of being real as much as possible in terms of its exact features but if we add an artistic touch, it becomes a masterpiece. Noriyuki Saitoh and his team are one of such artists who is presenting you this art of blending nature and artistic talent where they’re shaping bamboo in life-sized insects art that leaves you mesmerized.

These life-sized insects sculptured completely out of a bamboo, and detail work done by artists show their hard work and talent in creating these masterpieces. You can easily see the fine details given to these artistic insect’s veins, wings, and even eyes capture your attention. 

Although the art pieces look life-sized and fine work of art but they can’t be taken as referring to the exact replica of insects because the artists have tried to give them the shape as our eyes perceive them and store into our memory without noticing many details but only focusing the overall shape in different sizes and structure.

“We strictly measure the dimensions and prioritize the appearance impressions, features, and senses rather than proportions being created exactly,” producer Tokyuki Saito writes.  “We compensate [colours] with knowledge, experience, and imagination.”

And this strategy of artists has given these artistic craft models a new and fascinating image which not only make them beautiful but also inspirational.

You can have more view and information about these beautiful craft work on their website.

Noriyuki Saitoh: Website | Facebook

Via: Modernmet


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