Photographer Captures Stormy Waves And Sees Mythical Creatures In Them

Rachael Talibart, a gifted photographer, photographs powerful sea waves and freezes them in her photo frames. She then searches for the resemblance of these waves to creatures and names them. So, you have ‘Medusa’, ‘Sedna’, ‘Loki’ and others.

Talibart’s imagination took flight in her childhood that was spent in south coast of England. Here she spent her spare time staring at powerful ocean waves and trying to find similarities in their forms to the creatures of the sea. Although her first career was that of a solicitor in the City of London, her first love was photography.

Photography became her passion, the moment she turned to digital photography and made it her full-time career. And since she was always fascinated by the stormy seas, she captures those images. Using a telephoto lens, she freezes the waves with fast shutter speeds.Most of her images were created in south of England. For her, the wilder the weather, the better it is and this is what is reflected in her works.

Rachael Talibart The Artist

Talibart has found fame through her passion. Her photographs have been published in books and in both print and online magazines. These have also been exhibited in UK, Barcelona and New York. Her ongoing project, titled ‘Sirens’, gives her a chance to share her imagination with the world. Talibart owns f11 Workshop that offers photography day workshop in the south of England. She also runs Ocean Capture, a residential photography workshop for international and fine art photography. She writes for photography magazines. In Sony World Photography Awards, Talibart was shortlisted in the 2018 competition.

Talibart’s motivation is apparent when she says,“On the days I make these photographs, the sea is beautiful but also terrifying. I feel utterly insignificant, yet completely enriched by these encounters with wildness, and that is what I have tried to communicate in the photographs.


Rachael Talibart

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